Iran reported last Sunday that they closed the acquisition of the 80 new Boeing planes at half the price. The American planemaker announced the deal closes $16.6 billion for the total of 80 planes the country has ordered.

According to the Iran news agency, the deputy transport minister said that Iran will just pay half of the announced priced for the 80 planes. Transport minister Asghar Fakrieh-Kashan quoted that “Boeing has announced that its IranAir contract is worth $16.6 billion. However, considering the nature of our order and its choice possibilities, the purchase contract for 80 Boeing aircraft is worth about 50 percent of that amount.” While the Boeing Dubai representative is currently unavailable to give out any comments about the transaction.

The American airplane maker Boeing and its European counterpart Airbus both signed a huge contract with Iran. The country plans to replace its antiquated civil aviation fleet, the deal is a first since the international sanctions were lifted under a deal with Tehran’s nuclear program. The deal was negotiated by President Barack Obama’s administration; the deal is the biggest economic opportunities last 2015.

The European plane maker Airbus’ deal with Iran is going to be around $18-$20 billion for a total of 100 jets to IranAir, but according to IranAir, they will pay around half of the listed price which is $10 billion and assured that the contract won’t exceed the price mark.


Iran and ATR to Finalize Deal, 20 More Aircraft in the Future

IranAir reportedly can add their purchase with 20 more aircraft from ATR, according to Fakrieh-Kashan on Sunday. The company is already contracted with a 20 plane deal with Iran; a team from the plane maker will make their way to Tehran to finalize the deal. ATR is an aircraft manufacturer that specializes in two sizes of turboprop aircraft, the 70-seat ATR 72 and the 50-seat ATR 42.

President Hassan Rouhani pushes to finalize the deals on the aircraft to show results from the nuclear accord with world power to end sanctions. Although faced with criticism from the current cost of the purchase. On the other hand, Fakrieh-Kashan also noted that the final talks with ATR representatives will be next year and they are hoping to close the deals with IranAir. Although they purchased 20 planes has been finalized, the country is expected to buy 20 more in the future.

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