GoPro’s Karma dubbed as the new lightest, flexible and pocket-able drone had been falling from the skies and faster than their announcement last Photokina 2016 at Cologne, Germany.

GoPro has been leading in creating quality and rugged action cams for all. People from different aspects of life flock their product for the reasons of documenting their lives in action and just utilizing their products’ ease of use and friendly user interface.

GoPro’s vows for advancements

Ever since October 2003, the first release of the GoPro HERO3+, they have been releasing various products to suit each individual and were on a constant watch for new technological advancements and feats. The release of GoPro HERO for beginners and seldom users expanded their market from people who are always living their lives to the extreme to people who just want to capture their lives on-the-go, no matter how ordinary.

Now after the successful flights of drone for commercial and everyday use, GoPro tries to swim greater tides as it launched its newest and brand new addition to its products’ family The GoPro Karma. Karma is its first entry in the market of drones. By introducing a portable design and a compact build, GoPro is trying to mix up the drone market with its revolutionary design and build.

Don’t let the portable and miniature size of the karma fool you, as it sports the brand new GoPro HERO 5 and HERO Session 5 as its main optics.

Along with the actual drone, a case, a Karma control, and the Karma Grip are included as a bundle. The Karma control is 5 inches in screen size, has a resolution of 720p with a maximum 900 nits of brightness and lasts an astounding 4 hours. The Karma stabilizer which is weighing 230g and has an incredible -90° to 0° range of motion (down/up), is also compatible with the HERO4 line.

Now after several incidents of Karmas falling down from the skies, GoPro has issued a total recall of its product.


GoPro Cruising Downhill

After the recall of all Karmas GoPro found its way down a slippery slope as its shares tumble down a total of 6% last November 9, 2016. This means that the total 2,500 drones sold are to be refunded fully. Along with the sinking of its shares, GoPro is also on the verge of damaging its brand permanently.

According to recent reports, Karma has been dropping from the skies like rocks and it is not the owners’ fault to begin with. It is not a malfunction with the controls or a mishandling done by their owners but rather, an error regarding Karma’s power supply. It seems that after normally flying Karma, after the take-off and several minutes aerial time, it would turn off, including the motors, and drop like an inanimate object from the sky.

So if you still own a GoPro Karma and you still haven’t had returned it well, you should as soon as possible for your own safety and the safety of others.

Also, as the GoPro Karma was sold in a bundle, GoPro is obliging everyone to return the whole package including the HERO 5, along with the case, Karma control, and the Karma grip it came along with.

GoPro is yet to announce the exact date of the re-release for its Karma.

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