Piracy is a massive problem for the movie business, as it makes movies free and drives people away from theatres. Putting movies available for free on the internet makes everything easier for the audience. One only has to have a PC, internet connection and forbidden applications used for downloading pirated films, which cost the movie’s producers millions of dollars, and they’re good to go. Uploads of famous films are widely spread on the internet, which is a blatant infringement of a company’s intellectual property, as well as the cause for low profit from an otherwise expensively produced film.

Because of this, a lot of copyright owners are working hard to extinguish the problem with piracy. People often hear about the ridiculous number of DMCA Takedown requests Google has to process each day in an effort to clean search pages from links to pirated content. However, the most ridiculous yet, it seems, was that Warner Bros flagged its own website for piracy in its latest batch of takedown requests.


Warner is one of the many movie companies constantly butting heads with Google over piracy issues, but this week Torrent Freak came across a new batch of takedown request from Warner, which happened to target completely legitimate sites including the Amazon where DVDs can be bought legit, the Sky Cinema Store, and also the IMBD listings for their movies.

These requests were made by Vobile on behalf of Warner Bros, a company that uses video tracking technology to help companies enforce copyright on their content. On the list were The Dark Knight, The Matrix, and The Lucky One. Google spotted this error and have not removed Amazon and IMDB from its searches. However, Warner’s own sites remain under review.

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