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Apple Sets New Records, iPhone Sales Ascends


The Californian-company Apple recently reported its financial results for its fiscal quarter that was concluded last December 31, 2016. The tech company posted record-breaking quarterly revenue, and an all-time record of quarterly earnings per diluted share, while international sales covered almost half of the company’s progress.

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Mitsubishi Falls Short of Quarterly Expectations

Images Of Mitsubishi Motors, Honda And Mazda Cars Ahead Of Earnings

The Japanese automotive company Mitsubishi Motor Corp. has seen struggling in the recent quarter as reports of weaker yen yield less profit from the company and domestic sales dropping makes the quarter a terrible one for the company. The company’s sales also received a backlash from the mileage scandal; Asian markets are notably weaker than expected.

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Toshiba Faces Legal Actions, Shares Down


The innovator and world leading in pioneering high technology Toshiba is facing a lawsuit against Japanese trust banks over 2015 accounting scandal. The company’s shares plummets a total of 5.8 percent in early Monday trading as news about the legal action spreads in local newspapers like a wildfire.

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Johnson & Johnson Buys Swiss Biotech Company for $30 Billion


The American base medical and pharmaceutical manufacturer is currently in a complex dealing with the Swiss-based biotech Company Actelion. The deal is going to be around a whopping $30 billion, including its research and development pipeline on an announcement this Thursday.

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AltaGas Pushes Distribution, Acquires WGL


AltasGas Ltd. recently announced that they are currently entering into a definitive agreement and a plan for merging with WGL Holdings. According to the press release AltasGas released, it will be an all-cash transaction which will be at approximately $8.4 billion. The acquisition will help the company to position itself as a leading North American diversified energy infrastructure company.

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Verizon Shares Down, Yahoo Buyout Delayed


The global telecommunication leader Verizon is experiencing an unpleasant start for the year, as shares stride down after the Tuesday premarket trading. While the projected deal with yahoo has been pushed all the way to the second quarter of the year, delayed, but will proceed nonetheless.

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European Stocks Down  After Trump’s Inauguration



European stocks are reeling out after the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. The European stocks are close to having a very good year starter rally, but after Trump’s speech, which was enveloped with a protectionist tone, halted the stocks to prosper. On the other hand, the euro overtakes dollar and widens its lead ahead of its close competitor.

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Gold Slows Down After Rate Hikes


Analysts are speculating a possible halt with gold’s expected 5-week rally after Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s talks about gradually increasing the U.S. interest rates. Gold and spot gold seized their on-going roll, and both saw diminishing numbers after a month. Continue reading “Gold Slows Down After Rate Hikes”

Netflix Expects Better Q416, Analysts Fear Overspending


The leading internet television network Netflix is expecting an increase of around 5.2 million with their global net add this coming Q4 earnings report, while analysts are concerned about the company’s exuberant budget for its original shows. Last year’s Q4 put an astonishing 27 percent increase in the company’s stock and has set a heavy far for the company to overcome.

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